DOOMgloom presents GOTH PROM

So as most of you know, Goth Prom went down this past Tuesday at DOOMgloom. I swear to Goth, I have never seen that many people at DOOMgloom. It was packed. There were beautiful people EVERYWHERE. It was amazing. I know I haven't put forth any information about DOOMgloom for all you non-Hampton Roads folk, so let me go ahead and brief you.

DOOMgloom is the premiere Gothic dance night in the Hampton Roads area. Hosted at the Wave near Downtown Norfolk, it averages about 250 people each Tuesday night. They draw a diverse crowd, both in sex, race, and personal subculture identification--it's not unusual to see people dressed in regular streetclothes dancing right along with those in head-to-toe fishnet. The music spans from goth to EBM (electronic body music) to industrial, with some wild cards thrown in for good measure. The Wave has one large main room that houses the dance floor and a bar, then a smaller room with a bar that opens onto the patio, followed by four pool tables and a room in the back opening up onto that same second bar with tables and booths to chill at. As far as DOOMgloom goes, they charge a $5 cover for those 18 and up and a $3 cover for those 21 and up. The club opens around 10 PM and closes at 2 AM.

Luckily for me, as I am a relatively shy person, toting a camera around and sticking it in people's faces becomes a great excuse for social interaction. I didn't get everyone's name who's in my pictures, so if you're up here, leave me a blog comment or hit me up on MySpace. Cheers!