Vital Dance @ Chicho's, May the 24th

So I'm playing catch-up with all of the things I've been going to recently. School is putting up a fight in terms of vying for my free time, but I wanted to get this stuff up here before I fall way behind. In addition, I'm in the middle of a browser switch and am still trying to get all of my favorites and saved pages in order; Firefox is getting the boot as I move on to Opera, which I've heard some good things about. I'm a Mac OS X user and I'm sick to death of my Firefox closing down in the middle of my browser session. I know from the deal I'm making about it it sounds like I'm physically relocating but trust me, this is serious business.

First order of business is
Vital, the MC7C-sponsored multi-genre dance night. Represented by DJs k@t and Who?, it made its world premiere last Saturday May the 24th. Despite my somewhat basic familiarity with the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, I had virtually no trouble locating Chicho's, the venue that hosts the dance night. The nicest thing about Chicho's is that there is free parking right behind the building. No long walks on sketchy-side streets or worries about an unsafe parking lot; take a few steps and you're right inside the building. 

Once you enter through the front door, you pass through the take-out side of Chicho's to enter their dining room and bar. The place is flooded with soft, gold light, illuminating the room while not being too harsh on the eyes. There are plenty of tables for people to sit and chat at inside if they don't want to sit at the bar. Saturday was nice and cool, so people floated back and forth. Smoking is relegated to the well-ventilated patio, making it a nice place to sit, smoke, drink, or eat. 

As promised, the DJs played all kinds of music, from Radiohead to Blaqk Audio to a personal favorite of mine, Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge. They were super-nice about playing requests, too. The music was at a good volume, not so loud that you couldn't hold a conversation but loud enough that you could still listen from the patio.

k@t wasn't lying about the tastiness of the pizza, either. I had a slice of cheese while I was there and it was delicious. A little on the spicy side, Chicho's uses a decent amount of red pepper in their seasoning, but it went perfect with a coke (or some other beverage, I imagine). The staff was really attentive and courteous and the place was clean. In terms of future Vital nights, k@t has got the management to agree to push back some of the tables to make for more space to dance in.

It was a really cool place with a great atmosphere. As most people know, I'm just getting back into the local scene after being away at school in Richmond, VA for most of the year and I'm still acquainted with most people. Vital was a good opportunity to actually get the chance to have a conversation with the other patrons, allowing me to meet some cool people from the Hampton Roads area. If you like to chill, dance, drink, or eat good pizza, definitely check out Vital every Saturday night at Chicho's, 2820 Pacific Ave, 757-425-5656. And there's no cover, either!

k@t and Gabe, DJs Extraordinaire


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug and lovely words. I hope our little night becomes a haven for many more people.