So It Begins!

After a year or so of good intentions floating around in my brain, Mildread (now available at has finally come into being. Allow me to introduce myself and please forgive the awkwardness. The first time is always a little weird.

I'm Renée, your author and dark fashionista-in-chief. I'm a current college sophomore, acting major, and aspiring screenwriter. I have been a floater between the alternative and goth subcultures for several years now, mainly connected by a morbid sense of humor and a fetish for black clothing. Rather than try to characterize myself based on the traits of a subculture, I'll let my music speak for itself. I love Placebo, Emilie Autumn, Marilyn Manson, The Cruxshadows, Neuroticfish, KoRn, and VNV Nation, to name a few.

My purpose with Mildread is to have some place to feature things that I find interesting that derive from alternative subcultures, namely things dark and Goth. Just because someone prefers their culture, fashion, and art to be a bit darker doesn't mean that they don't have good taste. I also want to feature profiles on people whose individual styles and accomplishments speak for their spirit of individuality. Other than that, I won't try to box it in anymore. So I'm leaving quite a few possibilities open.

Please tell your friends about Mildread, and if you've got something or someone who you think should be featured on Mildread, hit me up on MySpace at Later!