A Glimpse at Goth Across the US

So out of morbid curiosity, I decided to Google different local pages. If you're headed to any relatively metropolitan area, you're guaranteed to find yourself a freak or two. And since it's all about being seen (scene?), there's a host of great club nights across this beautiful country.

  • NYC Goth & Industrial Central

    New York City's Goth & Industrial Central is a relatively easy-to-navigate guide to the dark side of the Big Apple. Under their 'Introduction' section, you'll find some thoughtful treatises on living Goth in Gotham. Each page also features a great photo of a beautiful woman or two--never a bad thing--in addition to their lists of clubs, shows, and shops. However, most sections of the site haven't been updated until 2000, so if you're visiting it might do you good to give the place you want to go to a call to see if they still exist.


    Judging by their website, the scene is alive and well in the City of Angels. Of course, Los Angeles was voted the 2006 best city for Goths by Gothic Beauty magazine. Two local club nights, Ruin and Malediction Society, are listed right at the bottom of the home page, outfitted attractively in red and violet. Visitors are immediately met with the event flyers and an opportunity to join the mailing list. In the forums, both gamers and artists can unite as well as sell a collection of 200-250 Playboy magazines for just $50! (Apparently he isn't sure how many he has.) All in all, the site is very well-maintained... and I'm pissed that I can't attend the Aristocracy Ball.

  • GothicChicago

    GothicChicago is a frequently updated hub of information for local Goths. Not only do they provide information on club nights, but they also seek to unite people for movies and conventions. The site is extremely helpful for visitors with both their guide to the city (including lodging and places to see) and their dining section, titled 'The Hunger', which provides a range of eateries for all budgets and several vegetarian options. And for all you camwhores, they're got a Flickr scrapbook where you can browse pictures from many different events.


    San Francisco's goth site also serves as a database of mostly local goth events. If anything hasn't changed since they updated their website (but that was 2006, so i wouldn't bet against that proposition) you can find a club night where the dark dwell six out of seven nights during the week. They have a detailed Resources section where you can find several links to local pages I haven't profiled here.

  • NorVaGoth.Net

    Recently revived by popular request (man, I am killing it with the alliteration today), NorVaGoth features a convenient listing of events around between Hampton Roads and Richmond in one place. The website is still under a revamping of sorts, but anyone can add to their events section so their calendar is detailed and most provide links where you can go to order tickets or get more information. Related to NorVaGoth is The Goth Club, which is geared towards club nights and events in Richmond, VA.