With a high heel against the wall, kind of dancing, but not at all...

Pandora.com has got to be one of the coolest sites ever coded. I came across it a couple of years ago when I was looking for places where I could find new music. (Because, heaven forbid, someone have heard of the bands I was listening to in high school.) At the site, you can enter either an artist or a song and it will confirm what you're looking for, then create a personalized radio station that contains artists with similar qualitites. All of the stuff identified in my music makes perfect sense, but it's never I had never even given a thought to (then again, I'm not a musician). For instance, much of my favorite music shares the qualitites of extensive vamping and basic rock song structure. And if the radio plays a song you don't like, you just press a little 'thumbs down' button and you'll skip to another song. If you like it, press the 'thumbs up' and you'll get more similar to it. You can also bookmark songs or artists that you like so you can go look them up and illegally download them later. (Well, I mean, really...!) It's pretty much awesome.

I was listening to my new 'She Wants Revenge' station and came across another great song by them. It's not as iconic as "Tear You Apart," but it still makes me want to hump something.

"Out of Control" by She Wants Revenge, video credit dprogrammers

For all of you on the continuous hunt for great alternative shoes, I recommend dimoutshoes.com. They are well-respected dealers of unique shoes and heels for all kinds of customers (including exotic dancers) and my personal experience with them was really pleasant about a year ago when I ordered a pair of Mary Jane high heels for my Harry Potter costume. Some of my favorites:

Concord Punk Boots

D'Orsay T-Strap Pumps

Canvas Calf Sneaker Boots