I backed my car into a cop car the other day...

So my new car has a digital readout for the songs that are playing on the radio. Where I used to frantically enter a few lines from the song into my phone and save for download-age (whilst driving, I might add), now I can just put in the title and artist and bingo! On the way home from Wal-Mart the other night, 96x had me totally rocking out to Modest Mouse's Float On. I changed my facebook status to the first line of the song and next thing I know, I get a barrage of comments and messages. ("zOMG! you backed ur car into a cop care?!?!?! LOLz!!!!111!!11! r u ok?!?!") I figure I'll leave it up for a little while, give my ex-boyfriend something to laugh about.

So ModelMayhem denied my profile submission. It made me sad. I'm still trying to build my alternative modeling portfolio up, but two awesome ladies have separately agreed to shoot me. Once I get those, hopefully I'll have more to work with. In the mean time, if anyone is a photographer or knows of a photographer who is looking for models willing to do TFCD, drop me a line on MySpace or e-mail me at reneehand13 [at] gmail [dot] com. (Gotta avoid the spambots, you know.)

A big bouquet of awesomeness to DJ's k@t and Who? for taking it up a notch at Vital dance night at Chicho's in Virginia Beach. They have cleared a dance space and brought in some very cool mood lighting. Unfortunately, DJ k@t informed me last night that this coming Saturday (June the 21st) Vital will not be taking place. I'm hoping for the best because Virginia Beach could really use a night for locals who don't want to shake their humps to P-Diddy. I mean, I'm all for hump-shaking, but who's gonna give me my She Wants Revenge fix? Stay tuned.

That said, the following pictures are from last Saturday's Vital, June the 14th. You can check out DJ k@t's set list at her blog on the bottom of the page. Bon appetit!


clockworkpink2 said...

That is a great song.

Renée Hand said...

It's an amazing song! I actually won their second CD off of the radio. Also very good stuff, thought a little bit more somber than the first.