Make Me Fries!

Need a laugh?

Man, I wish I could make as much money as Eddie Vedder has for NEVER OPENING HIS MOUTH. (Chris Cornell, anyone?)

Also in the realm of music world, I'm totally thrilled that an entire generation of alternative culturati have paved the way for their own take on all stages of life: steampunk weddings, gothic cruises, and of course, raising your kids without sacrificing your coolness. One of the strangest things I guess I have come upon in my perusal regarding such things is Rockabye Baby!. Rockabye Baby is an award-winning concept that takes well-known rock songs and converts them into lullabies. Now before you dismiss it as yuppie slop, let me say that I am actually a little impressed. You have the ones that are pretty much a given: Coldplay's "Trouble," Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm," and maybe U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday." (The last song is my personal favorite U2 song, EVER.) But I was very surprised by certain ones like Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like A Hole." They're actually good.

You can preview all of Rockabye Baby's albums on their website, They have sample mp3s posted of each track from each of their albums, all of which can be purchased online. Kudos to parenting with a touch of individuality, I guess!


Adrian said...

I search people who also love music of Emilie. Here she is unknown and in my circle of friends as well. Maybe you write back? I see, you maintain your side. It's important to you, right?

Adrian said...

A big thank-you! Yes, only with the language I've problems. But this shouldn't be bad. A little bit everybody can understand. I hear her music now every day and I'm happy about that. Her music is exactly my mood and anyhow my life. I've a lot of time in the office and use this time for many things. Can I insert you in my link list? I'll look regularly at your site. I've also written to you with MySpace... Armand Acyd