Why so serious?

So I'm just going to say it simply: The Dark Knight is as amazing as everyone is saying it is. I've seen it twice since it opened on Friday morning. (Midnight showing, baby!) Aaron Eckhart is solid. Michael Caine is riveting. Heath Ledger is sublime. Christian Bale is sexy. (I'm just being honest!) The movie is beautiful to watch and well-paced despite its 2 hours, 30 minutes length.

I think one of my favorite things about this movie is the fact that some of its best, most beautifully composed shots look like comic book panels--but in a great way. The dialogue also ranks high on my list; this movie is hilarious. There are even a few scary, "jump-out-of-your-seat" moments that got me. It is a dark movie but it is well-balanced and that's what made it powerful for me. All in all, it is a fun way to spend an evening and well worth the ticket price. Go see it.

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Miko LeStrange said...

omg, and the scene with the batcycle going up the wall. we were all like woah.

Descartes said...

Best scene in the film-'I'm gonna do what you should have done ten minutes ago.'

waterghost said...

poor me..
no time for movie now...deadline come..grrrrrr...