DOOMgloom, July the 15th

So after a four-week absence, I finally made it out to DOOMgloom again, the resident goth/spooky night at the Wave in Norfolk, VA. It seems that the crowd has changed, a lot. Now, I can't claim to be a regular or anything, but I'm wondering if there's an influx of new high school graduates who can finally go out without having to show up tired as fuck to school the next day. I think it's great that there are always new people coming into the scene here (Goth knows we need it) but I just want to say, for everyone's benefit, that DOOMgloom is a dance night, not a rub-your-private-parts-against-other-people exhibition.

But hey, who am I to judge? Do whatever the hell you want. Just don't get in my way when This S'it Will Fcuk You Up comes on. Okie dokie?

That said, here are some pictures from last night! Enjoy!


Adrian said...

Hiney-ho... Here we go... The song TSWFYU is crazy! I've stored it on my iPod touch. Okie dokie!

Miko LeStrange said...

yeah, i was almost about to play "come on ride the train" for all those kids grinding.
yes, to answer your question, there is an influx of new blood or freshly legal spooky kids.
They'll figure it out eventually, if they keep coming out. It happens every summer in every city i've ever seen, except for richmond. but yeah, we have no "scene magnets" as i like to call them. Someone(s) in the scene that acts as club ambassador, welcomes them and let them know what's up. usually this sort of thing happens naturally when its only one or two newbies, but such a big pack, they're pretty much there to chill with each other, you know?