Hindu Pez Strikes Back

CollegeHumor: I love it.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time for the second round of none other than the absolutely amazing Hindu Pez. This time, you can see him with Mpiredwn and Myotis at White Horse Pub this Saturday, August 16th.

Mpiredwn of Virginia Beach is a downtempo gothic rock band. Their music has a darkly seductive quality, good for... well, seducing people. They remind me of Paralysed Age, but with a sexy kind of guitar-heavy undercurrent reminiscent of She Wants Revenge. You can find them on MySpace at www.myspace.com/mpiredwn.

Electronic Goth Pop band Myotis hails from Richmond. Composed of Jason Beeken, ultra-cutie Melissa Richardson, and Yancy Lambert, their music is surprising and interesting. Each band member rotates on vocals, allowing them to produce new and unique music. Fans of Ego Likeness and De/Vision will appreciate their electronic, danceable sound. Pursue them at www.myspace.com/myotismusic for great justice.

And considering the praise I heaped upon him in this and earlier posts, I cannot wait to see Hindu Pez again. His live show is energetic and noisy, but in the good, 'THIS-BASSLINE-WILL
KICK-YOUR-ASS" kind of way. His industrial powernoise set is sure to please those who like Skinny Puppy and Modulate. He's easily stalkable at www.myspace.com/hindupez.

So now you're pretty much obligated to go. Right? I'll be there. Come meet me!

I'll be there! So don't miss it.