More Spooky Home Décor!

So the process of getting my first apartment is an exciting one because I finally get to play interior decorator. My budget being as limited as it is, I have stumbled upon many things that unfortunately will never claim a place in my space. However, I will share them with you here so we can lament together. (How Goth.)

Raven on a Skull
by Dapper Cadaver

Because of its place on the lower end of the cost spectrum, I can't imagine that this product would be too well made (plastic and pigeon feathers) but how cool would this be sitting on a bookshelf or a window ledge? This is one of those things that make you jump when you're stumbling around at 2 in the morning to go to the bathroom and look at it unexpectedly.

Gargoyle Bookends
by Halloween Town

I always think that an interesting way to get to know someone is to examine their bookshelf. (This works great for first dates; Huck Finn? Lolita? Sure, they'd be cool to hang out with again; Mein Kampf? Not so much!) I love Gargoyles because I think they're classy enough to take a place among muted decor, while lending an old-world flair to an environment of unique furnishings. And these are bookends, so they're dead useful!

Big LED Tier Chandelier
by Kikkerland

Oh my Goth, do I love great design. The team at Kikkerland has an array of absolutely amazing products in their catalogue and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this gem through Amazon. It's an 8" chandelier with built-in, battery-powered LEDs. Imagine the options for transportability! You could hang this from a tree in your backyard if you wanted to. And it's so pretty!

Clock and Gears Wall Art

And the Steampunk-gasm starts... now. The colors, the angles, and the sexy black-on-white roman numeral clock--this is gorgeous. This piece alone has so much character that all you need to do is add it to a blank wall and you're pretty much set.

Iron & Tole Gothic Shape Desk Caddy with Wood Finial
by Bellacor

Ahhh, the possibilities. The top of this actually looks like the canopy that I plan on installing over the top of my bed. I love the idea of putting picture frames in here, but this would be the perfect place to unite all of your odds-n-ends: a dish for your car keys, a resting place for your day planner, a cup for the pins to your voodoo doll and a shrine to your pet fetus-in-a-jar... Well, you get the picture. I just like the antique feel of this. A lot. A lot a lot.

(Photo credits: Dapper Cadaver, Halloween Town, Kikkerland,, Bellacor)


KM said...

I actually really like that clock. I've always thought clock were pretty for some reason, but that one looks really nice.