Neon Raine Photography Picshursss

So the ultra-fabulous Brynna at Neon Raine Photography took some awesome awesome pictures of me. And in the vein of shameless self-promotion, I share them with you now. Hooray! Please tell me what you think!

In other news, in between dealing with my car accident and work and school and whatnot, I have had NO TIME. At all. And it sucks because for all of you who were used to seeing me at DG, I haven't seen you guys in four weeks. Yeah, tell me about it.

But there's some very cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks. For those of you who remember k@t, she's got a new blog up on chronicling lots of events going down in the scene. I know I've said this before, but MC7C is super awesome in the fact that they're working extremely hard to push the local music and culture scene. Keep checking back on her blog:

What I'm seriously plugging right now is next Thursday's heretics in the lab show at Steppin' Out. I saw these guys last year around Halloween (when I won second place for my sexy A ClockWork Orange getup) and their show was great (albeit a little loud). Not to mention that everyone's favorite spooky DJs, DJs Miko Lestrange and Figurehead will be spinning. Forgo the Starbucks and buy a ticket here instead--it's $10 and you won't consume as many calories besides.

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